With our many years of experience in the residential sector in both new construction and renovation of single-family, town-homes, multi-family homes and apartments, we can help you making your home a better place.

Regardless the size of the job, taking care of the smallest detail is our passion.
Residential Electrical Services:

  • Electrical entrance installations and panel upgrades:
    • Your electrical consumption is increasing? , You need to upgrade your electrical entrance to a larger rating?
    • You need a larger panel with more breakers ?.
    • You need to get the electrical requirements ready for the installation of your electrical car charger?.
  • Heating system:
    • Control your heating expenses and start putting the money back in your pocket
    • Are you planning to replace your boiler/furnace with electrical baseboard heaters or vice versa ? We can offer conversion services.
  • Renovations and Repairs:
    • Are you planning to expand, re-design, or renew your home?, we provide professional service for all your electrical needs.
    • Re-design your lighting system into a modern, power efficient one. Save money and give your place a worm and lovely atmosphere.
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